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Are there any negative side effects or contraindications of BrainCore Therapy neurofeedback treatments and do the treatments hurt?


Many people have said the greatest appeal of this type of treatment is that it is holistic and completely non-invasive. There have been no negative side effects reported since the introduction of neurofeedback over forty years ago. Nor are there any contraindications to the therapy. Treatments are completely painless—no puncturing of the skin or application of electric current. Sensors applied to the scalp are simply reading brainwaves.


How long does a treatment session last, and how many treatment sessions will I need?


A typical treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes and the typical patient usually requires twenty sessions.


Are the changes permanent?


Yes, once a patient's brain learns how and when to produce a certain brainwave, that ability becomes embedded in a permanent circuit within the brain. The formation of this new circuitry is referred to as "neuroplasticity" and is the theoretical basis for how we learn.


Are there any published studies demonstrating the efficacy of this treatment?


For the past thirty years, multiple research centers around the world have demonstrated the effectiveness of this therapy for several types of neurologically based difficulties. In addition to those on our Research page, you can download studies from the BrainCore website. Please contact us at 704-541-6000 to learn more.


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